Chronicles Expedition

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This is the repository of all information gathered aboard the Diamondback Explorer ‘True Bearing’  along the original Canonn Challenge route in the ‘Horizons Era’.  The Chronicles expedition ran from September 3rd 3306 to April 10th 3307 (with a brief hiatus from December 5th to December 31st 3306 for the ‘Sirius Atmospherics Ammonia World Exploration Data Initiative’ community goal).  The expedition lasted for 195 days in total.

Note: log entry creation is currently subject to severe delay due to the significant amount of data collected on this expedition

The data within the chronicles is categorized under three broad groupings:
  • Expedition Objectives – the data and evidence from the objectives listed in the Challenge
  • Waypoint Features – the data and evidence from geological features and additional biological encounters at expedition waypoints
  • Route Features – the data and evidence from geological features and additional biological encounters along the expedition route
Expedition Status
  • The Chronicles Expedition successfully completed on April 10th 3307 when the DBX ‘True Bearing’ entered docking bay 16 at Thompson Dock
  • Challenge Duration (Total): 195 Days
  • Waypoints Visited: 113
  • Features Scanned: 194
  • Distance Traveled: 711,246.2 Ly

The data collected as part of this expedition, and presented here, is a first hand account of some of what is thought to be the rarest instances of life in the galaxy.  The observations included within these chronicles are for scientific research purposes and are not a substitute for first hand experience.  Don’t just read about it here.  Go see and scan for yourself.

On occasion these chronicles may also include navigation data useful to future pilots interested in this undertaking (either in whole or in part).  Such information will be concealed by default and will require the reader to knowingly access it.

Expedition Detail

This is the list of systems and features in the original Canonn Challenge which forms the basis of the Chronicles Expedition.
Click on the system number, system name or feature name to access the associated log entry.

  Visited     Visit Required     Listed Feature Not Found. Alternate discovered

SystemSystem NameFeatureJump (LY)Total (LY)Visited#
0VaratiThompson Dock000
1Oochorrs NF-L d9-12Crystalline Shards1,464.221,464.221
2116 TauriLuteolum Anemone1,088.832,553.052
2116 TauriCroceum Anemonen/an/a3
2116 TauriBlatteum Bioluminescent Anemonen/an/a4
2116 TauriRubeum Bioluminescent Anemonen/an/a5
3Wredguia XD-K d8-24Phoeniceum Gourd Mollusc341.762,894.816
4HIP 115991Roseum Anemone417.993,312.807
5HIP 15310Q04-Type Anomaly461.573,774.378
5HIP 15310Q08-Type Anomalyn/an/a9
6AlaunusQ09-Type Anomaly104.663,879.0310
7Col 285 Sector GG-N c7-34Croceum Gourd Mollusc193.584,072.6111
8Col 135 Sector DR-V c2-16Viride Brain Tree754.914,827.5212
9HD 81946Ostrinum Brain Tree797.455,624.9713
9HD 81946Roseum Bioluminescent Anemonen/an/a14
9HD 81946Albulum Gourd Molluscn/an/a15
10HD 63276Lindigoticum Brain Tree478.256,103.2216
11BD-12 1172Lattice Mineral Spheres900.157,003.3717
11BD-12 1172Prasinum Bioluminescent Anemonen/an/a18
11BD-12 1172Viridans Gourd Molluscn/an/a19
12HIP 139Puniceum Anemone1,872.248,875.6120
13Cyuefoo LC-D d12-0L09-Type Anomaly32,555.7641,431.3721
14Byaa Thoi MI-B d13-0K07-Type Anomaly4,166.5245,597.8922
15Ovomly DA-Q d5-16Rubellum Torus Mollusc15,976.6561,574.5423
16Ovomly HG-O d6-0Luteolum Calcite Plates105.3661,679.9024
16Ovomly HG-O d6-0Lindigoticum Calcite Platesn/an/a25
16Ovomly HG-O d6-0Viride Calcite Platesn/an/a26
16Ovomly HG-O d6-0Rutulum Calcite Platesn/an/a27
16Ovomly HG-O d6-0Blatteum Torus Molluscn/an/a28
17Ovomly SS-K d8-8Viride Torus Mollusc238.7361,918.6329
18Ovomly AA-H d10-13Caeruleum Torus Mollusc264.1762,182.8030
19Prai Hypoo CY-C b3-1Blatteum Bell Mollusc10,279.6972,462.4931
20Traikeou SE-P d6-16Purpureum Gourd Mollusc4,096.9476,559.4332
21Ellaisms QX-U e2-43P02-Type Anomaly5,349.2681,908.6933
22Skaudai YP-O e6-17Carpasinus Bell Mollusc1,064.3682,973.0534
23Graea Hypue DC-T d4-84Puniceum Brain Tree5,384.8588,357.9035
23Graea Hypue DC-T d4-84Amphora Plantn/an/a36
24Blu Ain QC-M d7-3330P10-Type Anomaly2,530.0990,887.9937
25Greae Phio DT-G d11-1570Cymatilis Reel Mollusc1,728.0792,616.0638
26Eeshorks QI-B d1496Luteolum Reel Mollusc463.0493,079.1039
27Eeshorks WO-A e191Viride Reel Mollusc58.8793,137.9740
28Gru Phio DV-W d2-440Roseum Sinuous Tubers2,323.6095,461.5741
28Gru Phio DV-W d2-440Prasinum Sinuous Tubersn/an/a42
28Gru Phio DV-W d2-440Albidum Sinuous Tubersn/an/a43
28Gru Phio DV-W d2-440Caeruleum Sinuous Tubersn/an/a44
29Gru Hypai DL-X e1-20K02-Type Anomaly2,398.7197,860.2845
30Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16Cymatilis Bell Mollusc2,414.07100,274.3546
31Eodgorsts TX-C b13-3Q05-Type Anomaly3,284.27103,558.6247
32Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192P01-Type Anomaly2,750.79106,309.4148
33Nyeajaae DA-Z a27-2Viride Sinuous Tubers1,695.14108,004.5549
34Trifid Sector BQ-Y d244Blatteum Collared Pod3,153.69111,158.2450
35Trifid Sector FW-W d1-233Lividum Collared Pod12.93111,171.1751
36Trifid Sector DL-Y d157Roseum Lagrange Cloud17.11111,188.2852
36Trifid Sector DL-Y d157Rubicundum Lagrange Cloudn/an/a53
36Trifid Sector DL-Y d157Purpureum Metallic Crystalsn/an/a54
36Trifid Sector DL-Y d157Albidum Collared Podn/an/a55
36Trifid Sector DL-Y d157Rubicundum Collared Podn/an/a56
37HD 160167Caeruleum Gourd Mollusc3,578.78114,767.0657
38HIP 98182Rufum Gourd Mollusc1,574.82116,341.8858
39Shrogaae KK-A d1791Caeruleum Octahedral Pod21,208.29137,550.1759
40Shrogaae KK-A d1049Viride Octahedral Pod20.89137,571.0660
40Shrogaae KK-A d1049Chryseum Void Heartn/an/a61
41Shrogaae KK-A d983Niveum Octahedral Pod16.72137,587.7862
42Shrogeau GG-Y e119Rubicundum Lagrange Storm Cloud528.32138,116.1063
42Shrogeau GG-Y e119P03-Type Anomalyn/an/a64
43Shrogaae KK-A d2672Rubeum Octahedral Pod539.24138,655.3465
44Juenae OX-U e2-8852Roseum Lagrange Storm Cloud7,219.55145,874.8966
44Juenae OX-U e2-8852L01-Type Anomalyn/an/a67
45Phraa Pra HH-U e3-1354T02-Type Anomaly438.63146,313.5268
46Stuemeae FG-Y d7561L04-Type Anomaly1,746.45148,059.9769
47Stuemeae KM-W c1-342K11-Type Anomaly2.51148,062.4870
48Myriesly HR-N e6-4354Q02-Type Anomaly585.86148,648.3471
49Myriesly CB-F d11-2373Q06-Type Anomaly206.55148,854.8972
50Byoomao MI-S e4-5423L05-Type Anomaly396.27149,251.1673
51Byoomao JC-B d1-3681K10-Type Anomaly761.73150,012.8974
52Myriesly MS-T e3-3831T04-Type Anomaly891.49150,904.3875
53Nyuena RO-Z d184P15-Type Anomaly1,500.60152,404.9876
54Nyuena ID-Z c1-10P13-Type Anomaly7.41152,412.3977
55Agnairy JH-U e3-2113Viride Lagrange Storm Cloud4,685.28157,097.6778
55Agnairy JH-U e3-2113T01-Type Anomalyn/an/a79
56Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870Luteolum Lagrange Storm Cloud4,314.01161,411.6880
56Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870Blatteum Sinuous Tubersn/an/a81
56Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870Lindigoticum Sinuous Tubersn/an/a82
56Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870Violaceum Sinuous Tubersn/an/a83
56Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870Prasinum Metallic Crystalsn/an/a84
56Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870Rubeum Metallic Crystalsn/an/a85
56Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870Flavum Metallic Crystalsn/an/a86
56Dryoea Flyi II-S e4-6870K12-Type Anomalyn/an/a87
57Eol Prou IW-W e1-1868Cymatilis Umbrella Mollusc4,499.11165,910.7988
58AsuraLuteolum Umbrella Mollusc51.83165,962.6289
58AsuraVirens Umbrella Molluscn/an/a90
59Wepaa BF-A f494Caeruleum Lagrange Cloud3,632.08169,594.7091
59Wepaa BF-A f494Croceum Lagrange Cloudn/an/a92
59Wepaa BF-A f494K01-Type Anomalyn/an/a93
59Wepaa BF-A f494K03-Type Anomalyn/an/a94
60Wepaa BA-A g524K05-Type Anomaly425.99170,020.6995
60Wepaa BA-A g524E04-Type Anomalyn/an/a96
61Wepaa GG-Y f343K04-Type Anomaly409.23170,429.9297
61Wepaa GG-Y f343K06-Type Anomalyn/an/a98
61Wepaa GG-Y f343K08-Type Anomalyn/an/a99
62Wembeau KM-V e2-12L03-Type Anomaly7,482.78177,912.70100
63Dryu Chraea FH-D d12-49Q01-Type Anomaly8,915.48186,828.18101
64Flyoo Groa SO-Z e0Stolon Pod21,027.37207,855.55102
64Flyoo Groa SO-Z e0Stolon Treen/an/a103
65Aiphaisty YE-A d130Q07-Type Anomaly18,870.20226,725.75104
66Phleedgaa JS-I d10-280E03-Type Anomaly12,628.16239,353.91105
67Vegnoae QO-I d9-2277E02-Type Anomaly5,009.85244,363.76106
68Vegnue AG-O e6-199Lindigoticum Parasol Mollusc4,710.90249,074.66107
69Vegnue UE-Q e5-33Luteolum Parasol Mollusc98.75249,173.41108
69Vegnue UE-Q e5-33Viride Parasol Molluscn/an/a109
70Eorl Bre ZP-E d12-276Luteolum Bulb Mollusc6,741.01255,914.42110
71Eorl Bre TE-L c23-51Viride Bulb Mollusc15.69255,930.11111
72Xothuia EG-Y g95Lindigoticum Bulb Mollusc105.81256,035.92112
73Dryio Bloo LT-Y d1-1089Viride Capsule Mollusc3,314.45259,350.37113
74Dryio Bloo LT-Y d1-311Luteolum Capsule Mollusc46.97259,397.34114
75Dryio Bloo YE-A g1518Lindigoticum Capsule Mollusc76.91259,474.25115
76Joorai NI-K d8-9P08-Type Anomaly25,744.54285,218.79116
76Joorai NI-K d8-9P09-Type Anomalyn/an/a117
77Joorai NI-K d8-115P14-Type Anomaly47.2285,265.99118
78Joorai NI-K d8-163P12-Type Anomaly50.17285,316.16119
79Phreia Byio PU-K c10-0Purpureum Peduncle Pod7,153.88292,470.04120
79Phreia Byio PU-K c10-0Rufum Peduncle Podn/an/a121
80Plua Chruia IB-X d1-5Albidum Chalice Pod11,357.51303,827.55122
81Syrivu DL-P d5-2Ostrinum Chalice Pod9,321.31313,148.86123
82Pyra Dryoae ET-O d7-7Caeruleum Chalice Pod11,148.59324,297.45124
83Iorady EI-B d13-0K13-Type Anomaly8,409.98332,707.43125
84Pyrooe Dryiae CC-B d1-0Cereum Aster Pod6,209.98338,917.41126
84Pyrooe Dryiae CC-B d1-0Cereum Aster Treen/an/a127
85Cliewoae DS-H d11-0Rubellum Aster Pod680.08339,597.49128
85Cliewoae DS-H d11-0Rubellum Aster Treen/an/a129
86Cliewoae VA-L d9-0Proto-Lagrange Cloud242.94339,840.43130
86Cliewoae VA-L d9-0Purpureum Ice Crystalsn/an/a131
86Cliewoae VA-L d9-0Rubeum Ice Crystalsn/an/a132
86Cliewoae VA-L d9-0Albidum Ice Crystalsn/an/a133
86Cliewoae VA-L d9-0Flavum Silicate Crystalsn/an/a134
86Cliewoae VA-L d9-0Lindigoticum Aster Podn/an/a135
87Cliewoae UF-L d9-0Prasinum Aster Pod154.07339,994.50136
87Cliewoae UF-L d9-0Prasinum Aster Treen/an/a137
88Pyrooe Dryiae ZQ-C d0Puniceum Aster Pod765.89340,760.39138
89Flyeia Byoea UK-Q b24-6Puniceum Squid Mollusc15,293.30356,053.69139
90Flyeia Byoea GE-K c11-32Albulum Squid Mollusc92.37356,146.06140
91Ploea Brou RH-D c12-27Caeruleum Squid Mollusc287.64356,433.70141
92Ploea Brou BL-Y b14-5Rubeum Squid Mollusc267.87356,701.57142
93Preae Chroa EI-I c23-43Roseum Squid Mollusc734.2357,435.77143
94Braisao ZP-V d3-16Candidum Peduncle Pod27,036.76384,472.53144
94Braisao ZP-V d3-16Caeruleum Peduncle Podn/an/a145
94Braisao ZP-V d3-16Gypseeum Peduncle Podn/an/a146
94Braisao ZP-V d3-16Caeruleum Peduncle Treen/an/a147
94Braisao ZP-V d3-16Viride Peduncle Treen/an/a148
94Braisao ZP-V d3-16Ostrinum Peduncle Treen/an/a149
94Braisao ZP-V d3-16Rubellum Peduncle Treen/an/a150
95Oodgosly GI-B d13-11Viride Quadripartite Pod21,821.14406,293.67151
96Oodgosly AH-D d12-10Prasinum Ice Crystals126.49406,420.16152
96Oodgosly AH-D d12-10Albidum Quadripartite Podn/an/a153
96Oodgosly AH-D d12-10Caeruleum Quadripartite Podn/an/a154
97Oodgosly AM-D d12-7Blatteum Quadripartite Pod148.77406,568.93155
98Hyphaups HC-M d7-1Rubeum Rhizome Pod3,196.61409,765.54156
99Hyphaups NI-K d8-0Purpureum Rhizome Pod119.77409,885.31157
100Coesky DW-U d3-0Gypseeum Rhizome Pod7,387.11417,272.42158
101Dryeou Fleau XJ-A d0Roseum Ice Crystals5,257.90422,530.32159
101Dryeou Fleau XJ-A d0Flavum Ice Crystalsn/an/a160
101Dryeou Fleau XJ-A d0Prasinum Silicate Crystalsn/an/a161
101Dryeou Fleau XJ-A d0Purpureum Silicate Crystalsn/an/a162
101Dryeou Fleau XJ-A d0Rubeum Silicate Crystalsn/an/a163
101Dryeou Fleau XJ-A d0Candidum Rhizome Podn/an/a164
101Dryeou Fleau XJ-A d0Cobalteum Rhizome Podn/an/a165
102Drokoe AN-H d11-6Albidum Silicate Crystals29,017.67451,547.99166
102Drokoe AN-H d11-6Cereum Bullet Molluscn/an/a167
103Thaile HW-V e2-7Croceum Lagrange Storm Cloud4,516.93456,064.92168
103Thaile HW-V e2-7Albidum Peduncle Treen/an/a169
103Thaile HW-V e2-7L06-Type Anomalyn/an/a170
104Eta Carina Sector JH-V c2-9Luteolum Bell Mollusc2,470.27458,535.19171
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Viride Lagrange Cloud43.92458,579.11172
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Luteolum Lagrange Cloudn/an/a173
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Solid Mineral Spheresn/an/a174
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Roseum Brain Treen/an/a175
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Gypseeum Brain Treen/an/a176
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Lividum Brain Treen/an/a177
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Aureum Brain Treen/an/a178
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Bark Moundsn/an/a179
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Cymatilis Silicate Crystalsn/an/a180
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Roseum Silicate Crystalsn/an/a181
105Eta Carina Sector EL-Y d19Albens Bell Molluscn/an/a182
106GCRV 6493P04-Type Anomaly660.59459,239.70183
107NGC 3199 Sector EB-X c1-6Lividum Bullet Mollusc5,859.99465,099.69184
107NGC 3199 Sector EB-X c1-6Viride Bullet Molluscn/an/a185
108Drokoe FU-O b39-0Rubeum Bullet Mollusc148.32465,248.01186
109Drokoe QK-X b34-0Flavum Bullet Mollusc120.83465,368.84187
110Jongoae UX-L d7-0Lindigoticum Ice Crystals16,776.79482,145.63188
110Jongoae UX-L d7-0Aurarium Gyre Podn/an/a189
110Jongoae UX-L d7-0Viridis Gyre Treen/an/a190
110Jongoae UX-L d7-0Aurarium Gyre Treen/an/a191
111Eorgh Hypa RR-U c19-0Roseum Gyre Pod8,834.59490,980.22192
112Lyed YJ-I d9-0P05-Type Anomaly7,424.84498,405.06193
113Lyed XJ-I d9-0P07-Type Anomaly88.1498,493.16194
114VaratiThompson Dock20,110.62518,603.78195

This section contains scan evidence for geological sites and additional biological entities encountered at expedition waypoints.  
These encounters are in addition to the expedition objectives for each waypoint.
Click on the system number or system name to access the associated log entry.

SystemSystem NameFeature
3Wredguia XD-K d8-24Prasinum Metallic Crystals
3Wredguia XD-K d8-24Flavum Metallic Crystals
4HIP 115991Silicate Magma Lava Spout
4HIP 115991Albulum Gourd Mollusc
4HIP 115991Rubeum Metallic Crystals
4HIP 115991Prasinum Metallic Crystals
5HIP 15310Purpureum Metallic Crystals
5HIP 15310Rubeum Metallic Crystals
6AlaunusRubeum Metallic Crystals
6AlaunusSolid Mineral Spheres
6AlaunusFlavum Metallic Crystals
6AlaunusGeneration Ship Lycaon
7Col 285 Sector GG-N c7-34Prasinum Metallic Crystals
7Col 285 Sector GG-N c7-34Flavum Metallic Crystals
7Col 285 Sector GG-N c7-34Purpureum Metallic Crystals
9HD 81946Silicate Magma Lava Spout
9HD 81946Prasinum Metallic Crystals
10HD 63276Roseum Brain Tree
11BD-12 1172Rubeum Metallic Crystals
11BD-12 1172Solid Mineral Spheres
11BD-12 1172Flavum Metallic Crystals
12HIP 139Prasinum Bioluminescent Anemone
13Cyuefoo LC-D d12-0Lindegoticum Silicate Crystals
13Cyuefoo LC-D d12-0Proto Lagrange Cloud
15Ovomly DA-Q d5-16Proto Lagrange Cloud
15Ovomly DA-Q d5-16Rubeum Metallic Crystals
15Ovomly DA-Q d5-16Luteolum Calcite Plate
15Ovomly DA-Q d5-16Lindigoticum Calcite Plate
16Ovomly HG-O d6-0Water Ice Geyser
17Ovomly SS-K d8-8Luteolum Calcite Plates
17Ovomly SS-K d8-8Rutulum Calcite Plates
18Ovomly AA-H d10-13Rutulum Calcite Plates
18Ovomly AA-H d10-13Lattice Mineral Spheres
18Ovomly AA-H d10-13Prasinum Metallic Crystals
18Ovomly AA-H d10-13Purpureum Metallic Crystals
19Prai Hypoo CY-C b3-1Croceum Lagrange Cloud
19Prai Hypoo CY-C b3-1Albidum Peduncle Tree
19Prai Hypoo CY-C b3-1Iron Magma Lava Spout
20Traikeou SE-P d6-16Flavum Metallic Crystals
20Traikeou SE-P d6-16Bark Mounds
21Ellaisms QX-U e2-43Solid Mineral Spheres
22Skaudai YP-O e6-17Flavum Metallic Crystals
22Skaudai YP-O e6-17Rubeum Metallic Crystals
22Skaudai YP-O e6-17Lattice Mineral Spheres
22Skaudai YP-O e6-17Solid Mineral Spheres
22Skaudai YP-O e6-17Sulphur Dioxide Fumerole
23Graea Hypue DC-T d4-84Roseum Brain Tree
23Graea Hypue DC-T d4-84Gypseeum Brain Tree
23Graea Hypue DC-T d4-84Iron Magma Lava Spout
24Blu Ain QC-M d7-3330Flavum Metallic Crystals
24Blu Ain QC-M d7-3330Prasinum Metallic Crystals
25Greae Phio DT-G d11-1570Caeruleum Lagrange Cloud
25Greae Phio DT-G d11-1570Viride Lagrange Cloud
25Greae Phio DT-G d11-1570Purpureum Metallic Crystals
25Greae Phio DT-G d11-1570Solid Mineral Spheres
26Eeshorks QI-B d1496Flavum Metallic Crystals
26Eeshorks QI-B d1496Prasinum Metallic Crystals
26Eeshorks QI-B d1496Rubeum Metallic Crystals
26Eeshorks QI-B d1496Roseum Lagrange Cloud
27Eeshorks WO-A e191Flavum Metallic Crystals
27Eeshorks WO-A e191Prasinum Metallic Crystals
27Eeshorks WO-A e191Solid Mineral Spheres
28Gru Phio DV-W d2-440Sulpur’ Dioxide Gas Vents
29Gru Hypai DL-X e1-20Prasinum Metallic Crystals
29Gru Hypai DL-X e1-20Solid Mineral Spheres
30Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16Viride Lagrange Cloud
30Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16Rubeum Metallic Crystals
30Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16Flavum Metallic Crystals
30Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16Solid Mineral Spheres
30Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16Bark Mounds
30Blaa Hypai OZ-O d6-16Guardian Ancient Ruins
31Eodgorsts TX-C b13-3Flavum Metallic Crystals
31Eodgorsts TX-C b13-3Prasinum Metallic Crystals
32Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192Flavum Metallic Crystals
32Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192Purpureum Metallic Crystals
32Pru Aescs NC-M d7-192Unregistered Comms Beacon
33Nyeajaae DA-Z a27-2Blatteum Sinuous Tubers
33Nyeajaae DA-Z a27-2Lindigoticum Sinuous Tubers
33Nyeajaae DA-Z a27-2Violaceum Sinuous Tubers
33Nyeajaae DA-Z a27-2Sulphur Dioxide Fumarole

This section contains scan evidence for geological sites and additional biological entities encountered along the original expedition route. 
The systems in this list are not expedition waypoints.

Date (YYYY-MM-DD)Time (UTC)System NameFeature
3306-09-0722:19:42Col 135 Sector YA-E b12-1Prasinum Metallic Crystals
3306-09-0722:20:32Col 135 Sector YA-E b12-1Flavum Metallic Crystals
3306-09-0722:22:37Col 135 Sector YA-E b12-1Albulum Gourd Mollusc
3306-09-0823:00:13Wredguia TR-U c3-1Rudeum Metallic Crystals
3306-09-0823:09:52Wredguia TR-U c3-1Albulum Gourd Mollusc
3306-09-0823:19:23Wredguia TR-U c3-1Flavum Metallic Crystals
3306-09-0918:46:37Stock 2 Sector IG-O b6-1Prasinum Metallic Crystals
3306-09-0918:54:17Stock 2 Sector IG-O b6-1Purpureum Metallic Crystals
3306-09-0918:55:53Stock 2 Sector IG-O b6-1Albulum Gourd Mollusc
3306-09-1700:11:18Ridgue AW-E d11-68Sulphur Dioxide Fumarole
3306-09-1701:11:37Ridgue AW-E d11-68Sulphur Dioxide Gas Vent
3306-09-2015:16:51Bludgu CG-N c20-0Silicate Vapour Gas Vent
3306-09-2016:19:45Bludgu CG-N c20-0Water Ice Fumerole
3306-09-2016:34:41Bludgu CG-N c20-0Water Ice Geyser
3306-09-2212:13:54Byeia Thoea DL-N c20-0Silicate Vapour Fumarole

Recent Chronicles Expedition Journal Entries

Gru Phio DV-W d2-440

Chronicles Expedition, Waypoint 028: Searching for Roseum, Prasinum, Albidum and Caeruleum Sinuous Tubers in the Gru Phio DV-W d2-440 system

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Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias is a player character in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous, specializing in long range exploration, cartography & prospecting. When he's not aboard his Fleet Carrier, the "DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge", this commander is a confirmed screenshot junkie, a random scribe and an occasional video creator.

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