Permit Me

There are some systems in the galaxy that you have to earn the right to be able to visit.  
Through the art of gaining influence, these are the permits I’ve managed to acquire so far.
How does your list compare?  Any good ones missing from this list?

System NamePermit NameDate Obtained
SolSol System Permit
HorsHors System Permit
Beta HydriBeta Hydri Permit
Van Maanen's StarVan Maanen's Star Permit
SummerlandSummerland System Permit
FaceceFacece System Permit
AchenarAchenar System Permit
PLX 695PLX 695 System Permit
ExbeurExbeur System Permit
CromCrom System Permit
Ross 128Ross 128 System Permit
SiriusSirius System Permit
AliothAlioth System Permit
VegaVega System Permit
Shinrarta DezhraFounders World Permit
Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias is a player character in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous, specializing in long range exploration, cartography & prospecting. When he's not aboard his Fleet Carrier, the "DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge", this commander is a confirmed screenshot junkie, a random scribe and an occasional video creator.

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