HIP 115991

Chronicles Expedition, Waypoint 004: Searching for Roseum Anemone in the HIP 115991 system

Wredguia XD-K d8-24

Chronicles Expedition, Waypoint 003: Searching for Phoeniceum Gourd Mollusc in the Wredguia XD-K d8-24 system

Situational Gravity

Remlock Systems For Life

Chronicles expedition log: September 4th 3306, 18:10hrs UTC.  Inner Orion Spur region, 116 Tauri system, Reference Point: Planet D2 The True Bearing is on approach to 116 Tauri D2 to survey additional surface biological sites.  It’s another in a series of high metal content worlds within this system, bathed in the cold blue white light […]

116 Tauri

Chronicles Expedition, Waypoint 002: Searching for Luteolum, Croceum. Blatteum Bioluminescent and Rubeum Bioluminescent Anemone in the 116 Tauri system