Despite all the advances in galactic travel, there are only so many systems you can bookmark in your ship’s navigation computer.
This is the archive of all my bookmarks which can no longer be stored in the Galaxy Map as I’ve simply run out of room.
Most systems are bookmarked on the basis of the number and type of stars and their relative proximity to one another.

System NameRegionDistinguishing Feature
BLAE DRYE ZG-J D10-175Inner Orion SpurNeutron with pair of Class M stars
BLUA E0Q IJ-U C5-1Outer Orion SpurTriple Water World
BOELTS NA-L C9-9Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmPrimary K class with binary Class M stars
BOELTS QG-J C10-93Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmClass G and L Binary System
BYOOMAO BN-Z C14-2461Galactic CentreBinary System
BYOOMAO FT-M C22-842Galactic CentreTrinary System
BYOOMAO GR-W F1-3544Galactic CentreFive Class B Star System
BYOOMAO QQ-G C26-796Galactic CentreBinary System
BYOOMI OQ-O C6-343Galactic CentreClose Double Binary System
COL 285 SECTOR BG-X D1-22Inner Orion SpurTrinary System
DRYAA PRI BA-I C12-3375Empyrean StraitsSix Star System
DRYAA PRI DP-S C6-80Empyrean StraitsTrinary System
DRYAA PRI FG-G C13-1250Empyrean StraitsFour Star System
DRYIO FLYUAE HN-S D4-1026Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmTrinary System
DRYOOE FLYOU AF-V C17-172Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmBinary System
DRYOOE FLYOU SJ-M C22-118Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmFive Star System
DRYOOE FLYOU VE-G D11-1050Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmFour Star System
EOCH FLYUAE EB-L C9-53Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmTrinary System
EOCH FLYUAE PC-S C5-133Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmBinary System
EOCH FLYUAE QQ-R C19-103Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmFour Star System
EOCH FLYUAE ST-Q D5-438Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmFour Star System
EOCH FLYUAE XI-B D254Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmBinary System
EOCH FLYUAE ZO-A E429Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmBinary System
EOCH PRUAE JD-J D9-2164Odin's HoldTrinary System
EOL PROU JG-O D6-2635Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmFive Star System
EOL PROU OC-V E2-1538Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmBinary System
EOL PROU UD-S D4-536Inner Scutum-Centaurus ArmTrinary System
FLOANTH WE-J B28-23Norma ArmTrinary System
FLYAE HYPE WP-E D12-6Hawking's GapTrinary System
FLYIEDGE LF-Q B25-20Inner Orion SpurTrinary System
FLYOOE PHIO BT-C C15-13Norma ExpanseSix Star System
FLYOOE PHIO EZ-A C16-10Norma ExpanseTrinary System
FLYOOE PHIO JP-D D13-41Norma ExpanseTrinary System
FLYOOE PHIO LN-O C8-5Norma ExpanseTrinary System
FLYOOE PHIO MV-B D14-13Norma ExpanseFour Star System
FLYOOE PHIO MV-B D14-76Norma ExpanseTrinary System
FLYOOE PHIO TZ-K C10-9Norma ExpanseTrinary System
FLYOOE PHIO YR-U B35-3Norma ExpanseDouble Binary System
FLYOOE PHIO ZW-I D10-1Norma ExpanseTrinary System
Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias

Bow Lof Petunias is a player character in the galaxy of Elite Dangerous, specializing in long range exploration, cartography & prospecting. When he's not aboard his Fleet Carrier, the "DSSA Chrysaetos Refuge", this commander is a confirmed screenshot junkie, a random scribe and an occasional video creator.

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